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Gott Nytt År

May 2022 brings more close friends together

And so here we are, entering the new year. 2022. As a treat, here is a FREE download 2022 Calendar for all of you who have been supporting Fikadrottning podcast since the very beginning.


This calendar is inspired and based on the many food celebrations and traditions in Sweden. For this first ever calendar, I chose ONE of the many celebrations within the respective months as a feature for each month. Yes, the Swedes love to celebrate food! In the month of February, for example, there are other celebrations such as Nutella Day (5 Feb) and Knäckerbröd Day (19 Feb). If you noticed, on February, Carrot Cake is featured because I like carrot cakes hehehehe!

Perhaps in the future, Fikadrottning calendar will come with stories behind all these significant dates. In the meantime, do download them and feel free to give suggestions and feedback on how we can improve the calendar.

Fikadrottning Calendar 2022
Download PDF • 75.46MB

Have an awesome 2022 ahead!! Stay safe.

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