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Ischoklad med smör

The original recipe is from

At Christmas, you will notice supermarkets and konditorier around Sweden will whip out their best ischoklad on the shelves. I must admit, however, the best ischoklad are homemade.

I found this recipe on Arla recipe application (you can download from Apple store and Google Play, I think!). All you need are chocolate and butter. So simple and so quick to make.

Here is my twist on Ischoklad med smör.


75g butter

200g dark chocolate (equivalent to 2 blocks of 100g of chocolate)

I improvised this recipe by using intense orange dark chocolate EXCELLENCE bar by Lindt.


strawberries or raspberries, cut into small pieces


1. Prepare your mould with tiny muffin cups.

2. Break your chocolates into smaller pieces.

3. Melt your butter in a saucepan. Var försiktig! Do not put your heat on high. You will burn your butter.

4. Add your broken pieces of chocolates to the butter and stir gently until all chocolates have melted.

5. Pour your melted chocolate in your mould half way and drop your blueberries or strawberries or raspberries and cover it with the remaining chocolate.

6. "Bake" your ischoklad in the chiller.

Tips: You can use milk chocolate or white chocolate and top with chopped almonds or frozen berries of your choice.


is - ice

choklad - chocolate

smör - butter

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