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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

What better way to have your FIRST ever fika at your favourite place on earth!

See how happy I was going to my happy place. Micke was rolling his eyes, shaking his head after he took this photo for me.

Where should I even begin..

Fika [fi:ka] (pronounced as fee-ka). (n.) a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.

I didn't understand this fika thingy at first. In fact, I didn't know what it means. I just said 'yes' to everything Micke said. I didn't even ask what fika was. Perhaps there were so many things to see and explore when you're a newbie in a foreign land far far away from the equator. Or perhaps I was just mesmerised by this hilariously silly Swedish man. #ikea #sweden #borlänge #swedishmen #ihaveasoftspotfortallmen

Borlänge, Dalarna County

Let's go IKEA!

A day prior to this day, I arrived at Borlänge train station only to be greeted by a super tall, skinny, blue-eyed, blond-ish man who I had to climb onto a bench to give him a hug. Mikael, or as he preferred, Micke, asked me if I wanted to refresh myself after a long flight. "IKEA!!" I exclaimed. Micke rolled his eyes. #ikea #borlänge #gävle

First cup

Yes! First fika at IKEA (Gävle)...IKEA's coffee....dark, black and slightly bitter. First sip....mmmmmmmm...

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