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07 November is Kladdkakans Dag

Chocolate lovers! Mark this date in your calendar.

As I mentioned it on my Facebook page, long before the existence of 'Fikadrottning', I had "Traces of T". I would say it was an experiment toying with the same concept of 'Fikadrottning' but more like a travel blog. However, "Traces of T" didn't take off well due to lack of planning, lack of knowledge, lack of direction and concept, lack of motivation, lack of fundings (which was the ultimate reason for not continuing), laziness and loads of self-doubt.

Looking back at all the videos I had put up on the Youtube channel, "Traces of T", there is so much I could learn from the experience and take down notes on areas I could improve.

Of course, being a self-funding podcaster/blogger I have to constantly think about creative ways to work on a budget (or no budget) but still produce a high quality infotainment production. It is always a challenge. I am blessed for the people who are constantly motivating me, providing me with good advice, loaning me equipment for free and I am grateful to everyone who enjoyed the videos (and podcast) that I am putting out there.

Everything is DIY from recording, editing the video using iMovie..So, here is a link to my very first trial video production on Kladdkaka because I just had to share my love for this goey cake with you. Enjoy!

Oh! If you'd like to enjoy this Swedish goey, sticky cake, you can either buy them at IKEA Food Market OR simply drop by Fika Bistro OR you can try and bake it yourself!

P/S: Do give me your feedback because your feedback means a lot to me. Thank you!


The origin of this delicious cake is unclear but one thing for sure from all the research I've done, this cake is a result of either forgetting to add baking soda or deliberately not adding it because "Ooops-I-don't-have-enough-baking-soda". There is even a story about how kladdkaka was brought in to Sweden in 1968 by an editor of a magazine who had been to Paris.

Regardless of whichever of the above is true, this sticky, goey cake has certainly win the hearts of the Swedes so much that 7th November has been declared as Kladdkakans Dag.

It certainly has win ME!

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