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Word of the day

In every episode, exciting new words/phrases are introduced so that you can continuously expand your Swedish vocabulary. With each word/phrase as in the podcasts, a definition is provided, an example sentence and other details so that you can apply it to your day-to-day conversations and situations. Here, let's explore a little bit more of these words and phrases.

Click on any of the following icons below to dive into each podcast episode. 

Coffee Beans

Series 6 (Coming soon)

What's next?

Neon Hello

In this series, let's explore more day-to-day Swedish phrases and greetings.

Eating Pasta

Series 5

Simple conversations at a restaurant and the supermarket. 

Ice Cream Cone

Explore some

Swedish words that spell the same as English.

Sale Season

Series 4

Let's be a little more daring and look into one confusing word,  learn how to give warnings and some words used on shopping windows.


Simple Swedish words and phrases.

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