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15 Maj: Kardemummabullens Dag

If you like a little bit of bitterness in your buns, this one is for you.

As a child, my mother always "forced" me to eat certain food which she always claimed to be "good for you and for your old age." I guess I was kinda a good kid (HAHA!) or perhaps I dared NOT defy my mother because my mother was very fierce despite of her outlook. Mind you, she is STILL fierce (and beautiful) at 68!! So, whatever and whenever she told me that something is good for me (and for my old age), I just swallowed them down without questioning, even though they can be revoltingly foul for my tastebuds...and CARDAMOM is one of them.

She said cardamom is a good source of antioxidant, good for your digestive system, good for oral health (which made me wonder if I have bad breath..hahaha!) and "good for old age".

And because of her constant reminder I have become accustomed to the taste of cardamom...I am always glad to take cardamom pods off your plate when you have nasi biryani!

These are two of my favourite bullar from one of my favourite konditorier, Pallas Konditori. They are soft, buttery and delicious when you tear a piece and dunk it into your coffee.

I have always loved kanelbulle until one day my Swedish teacher, Birgit, introduced me to kardemummabulle (cardamom buns) from Fabrique Stenungsbageri at Götgatan 24, 11846 Stockholm (yes, I remember little details like this). I must admit that it was love at first bite!

I am not sure why cardamom buns are celebrated in Sweden. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on this. One thing for sure, the Swedes love their kardemummabullar as much as they love their kanelbullar.

I have yet to try baking them though. Perhaps soon.

So, as I was browsing through the internet looking for the recipe in English for you, I stumbled upon Kokblog. At one glance, you may recognise the illustrations. That is because Johanna Kindvall is the illustrator for the book, FIKA: THE ART OF THE SWEDISH COFFEE BREAK, WITH RECIPES FOR PASTRIES, BREADS, AND OTHER TREATS.

Have you tried making some? If you have, share with me a photo of your kardemummabullar on our instagram, fikadrottning_podcast.

Further readings on cardamom:

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