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Chokladbollens Dag

Mark your calendar. 11th May every year.

What is chokladbollar?

Traditionally eaten at restaurants the end of the meal as dessert, chokladboll (singular) or also known as havreboll, kokosboll, and negerboll is a chocolate and coconut oatmeal balls. It is a no-bake dessert AND snack (at Fika); easy to make with simple ingredients of sugar, oatmeal, butter, coffee and cocoa.

Origins of Chokladbollar

According to, there are several historical resources indicated that chokladboll goes all the way back to the Second World War and it is believed to have originated in Denmark. It is said to have come about as a result of food rationing and the shortage of wheat flour.

In Denmark, chokladboll is called havregrynskugle.

If you search through the internet, the current recipes includes cocoa or chocolate. However, it is said that in the original recipe there was no mention of cocoa or chocolate.

Name Change

Chokladboll was originally called "negerboll" which literally means "nigger ball".

Due to the racist connotation used of the word "neger" which refers to black people, the Svenska Akademiens Ordlista, a Swedish equivalent to Oxford English Dictionary, replaced the term "negerboll" to "chokladboll". This change is also due to the increasing popularity of variety of chokladbollar. This makes more sense, eller hur?


If you type "chokladbollar recept" on Google, you will be quite overwhelmed with the number of recipes out there. I first started making chokladbollar in 2009? 2010? I used the recipe found on . And then I became a huge fan of Arla because they produced lactose-free milk, and I explored their website for recipes.

Of the two sites, I discovered that Arla has a simpler recipe and I have been using it since...but of course, the choice is always yours.

So, here is the chokladbollar recipe from Arla Köket app (on my mobile phone):


150g butter

1 1/2 dl sugar (I used caster sugar rather than fine sugar. I find caster sugar gives a better texture and not too sweet as fine sugar)

3 tablespoon cacao or cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar (I substituted it with vanilla essence)

2 tablespoon of cold coffee or water (I would highly recommend coffee as coffee brings out the best flavour in chocolate)

4dl oatmeal (you can use either quick oats, instant oats or rolled oats)

Desiccated coconut, chopped almond or sesame seeds (optional).


  1. Mix together butter and sugar.

  2. Add cocoa, vanilla, coffee, and oatmeal.

  3. Form round balls and roll them in desiccated coconuts, chopped almond or sesame seeds. Freeze in the freezer or fridge.

Personally, I prefer to have the balls "naked". No coatings. However it is YOUR choice to make. If you like, you could also dip them in melted dark chocolate for that extra luxurious look and taste.

Lycka till!

Side note:

1dl is equivalent to 100g

If you are confused by the Swedish measurement of decilitre, here is a useful link to ease that confusion: Learn how to read Swedish recipes

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