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Warm blanket, homemade French fries, LOKA and catching up with "Grantchester" on SVT Play.

Friday nights had always been about attending campfires when I was a teenager (I was a Girl Guide). When I was in polytechnic, Friday nights were mostly either attending some French events or chilling out with close friends. As you enter the working world, Friday nights were mostly at work or at home sleeping. Hahaha!

In Sweden, Friday night is special. Even though similar to the Friday nights in Singapore, it seems like this tradition carries on until adulthood; you'd drop everything, leave work and head off either to Friday night invitation that you received from friends or quickly head back home to your family to spend time with them.

Lifestyle is indeed different in Stockholm even though there are some similarities to the lifestyle in Singapore. In my first week living in Stockholm, I was curious when I saw adults carrying their shopping baskets filled with potato chips, drinks, popcorn and pick 'n' mix.

I guess it was during my semester at Stockholm University where I was living at Villa Videbacken with 19 other students and working adults that I learned about cozy Fridays.

I was always invited to join the younger students at the dinner table. We would cook up some dish from our Motherlands and enjoy a mini feast. Sometimes I joined them to the nearby pub or restaurant in town. Friday nights became something that I look forward to because I could catch up with my housemates.

When I started living with Isa with whom I rented a room in her villa, Friday nights became a little quieter. Not so much of going out but more of like discussion about the world, music, music production, plug-ins and other stuff. Sometimes we would watch "The Dead Files" together. At times, we do invite our friends, Emelie and Peter, to join us. Sometimes, I travelled up to Borlänge to spend my cozy Friday nights with my Micke and catching up with other friends.

So, there is no wrong or right as to how you want to spend your Friday nights. Just remember to have some potato chips or popcorn (or tacos!), some drinks, warm blankets, that movie that you've been dying to watch and your dearest friends. Of course, there is nothing wrong spending some ME TIME on Friday nights as well. As much as I like to be with the people I love, there are times, especially at winter, where I love to just have my homemade French fries, LOKA, warm blankets and watch one of my favourite series, "Grantchester" in the comfort of my own room.

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