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All you need is one mistake...

I had too much oats in the pantry so I decided to pull out my copy of Alaine Handa's cookbook and went straight to page 109. Mmm "Swedish kanelbullebollar" was the aim of the day.

HOWEVER, while adding all the ingredients I accidentally poured an extra matsked (tablespoon) of expresso. Lucky for me, I love coffee.....So now I'm in a fix....My Swedish kanelbullebollar is no longer kanelbullebollar. A quick taste of the mixture threw me off my sleepy state. OH! I am suddenly awake. Then I thought to myself....not bad at all.... Perhaps this could be the answer for me or anyone who may have woken up late for work and in desperate need for a quick fix of expresso shots and breakfast. Hmmmm...Definitely not for the weak heart.

Voila! Doppiobollar was accident!

Doppio is Italian multiplier meaning "double".

In this recipe, I have combined the usual recipe I used to make the regular chokladbollar and Alaine's recipe...


What you need:

150g butter, at room temperature

1½dl caster sugar

5 pcs ginger thins, crushed finely

3msk cacao

1tsk Nielsen-Massey vanilla essence

2msk expresso

2msk desiccated coconut

4dl oats

Chocolate rice for coating. You can use desiccated coconut or chopped nuts as coatings. You can also choose not to have any coatings at all. The choice is yours.

IF you want to make an Expressobollar, just use 1msk of expresso instead of 2msk and add 1msk of water. The rest of the ingredients and steps remains unchanged.

This is how we do it:

  1. Mix together butter and sugar.

  2. Add in vanilla essence, coconut, crushed ginger thins, cacao, expresso and oats. Mix all the ingredients well.

  3. Form into bite size balls in your palm and roll them in the chocolate rice or coatings of your choice.

  4. Keep them in the fridge or freezer.

Best serve as a breakfast quick snack. It will wake you up!

Do try this recipe and leave us your comments.

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