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Kanelbullens Dag

A cinnamon bun a day keeps the blues away.

Oh yes! I remember my first encounter with kanelbulle. My very first fika at IKEA was with a cinnamon bun. I know you might say that the kanelbullar at IKEA is probably not the best place to have the first bite. True enough they are probably not the best but good enough to fill in the tummy and my curiosity.

Over the years living in Stockholm and going about some parts of Sweden, I learned a lot about the Swedish traditions and culture, and how each family has their own unique ways of celebrating. For the majority of my friends, we always make time to gather when such occasions arise while others, I was privileged enough to experience these events with their families.

Let the celebration begins!

In 1999, Hembakningsrådet (The Home Baking Council) wanted to create a day to celebrate home baking in conjunction of their 40th anniversary. They went about asking professional bakers, teachers including people in the streets what would be the one bread they'd think about when they think about home baking. I guess the answer was pretty obvious - kanelbulle! And so it was decided...Kanelbullens Dag falls every year on the 4th of October.

If you are brave enough to try your hand at making these buns, here are some links for you:

English sites:


So you see, there are so many recipes for you to try...there is no excuse!

Lycka till!!

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