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This 400-year-old tradition certainly brings joy and peace to all of us, me included.

Lucia or Saint Lucy's Day is celebrated annually on the 13th of December. This is one tradition in Sweden that I certainly look forward to (even though I do not celebrate Christmas). I remembered the first Lucia procession I witnessed at Skansen (temporarily closed due to Covid19) in 2010.

The crowd had started to flock into Skansen pretty early that evening. Micke and I quickly made our way to the open-air big stage joining the big crowd ahead of us. The procession began with the arrival of Lucia in a carriage (yes, with horses, REAL horses!), like that of Cinderella arriving at the palace for the ball. From my understanding, every year before Lucia, a competition is held to crown the next Lucia; that would be the girl who would bare the candle-lit (real candles!) wreath on her head. She represents Saint Lucy. I witnessed the crowning of Lucia in Gothenburg in 2013 with my eldest son and. my eldest brother who came to visit me in Sweden.

Both experiences were magical.

This year you can catch the procession on Embassy of Sweden in Singapore's Facebook page on December 13th, Sunday, from 7pm to 7.20pm.


Christmas is incomplete without LUSSEKATTER!! In Singapore, you can get them from IKEA Food Market or you can try baking them yourself !! I have tried baking some but I think I need more practise. The buns should be softer than these...but I think they were not bad for a first try.

And yes... as promised....

This video was made in 2014, I think! Hahahaha.... look at how silly I was...ENJOY!

What to find out more about Lucia? Click on the links below:

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