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Visually Pleasing

Sometimes what you see is not what you get.

GPS gave me the "ring-around-the-rosies" to find this place. It was there opposite where I was originally standing. *sigh* Naturally I was delighted to finally find it. I was perhaps lucky that I had yet to "fight" with the lunch crowd as it wasn't so busy.

The display looked so inviting and it was hard to decide what to order (even though my eyes were focused on the apple tart) that I had to ask for recommendation. According to the crew, their seasonal fruit tart is very popular and strongly recommended it. Well, I do love my berries. So, why not.

Again, it is always good to make it a habit to ask if they serve milk alternatives especially if you are unsure so you can make a quick change of mind and order for a non-dairy hot beverage. Fortunately, they provide soy and oats.

Most cafés I've been have an interior with earthy tone which gives the welcoming yet calming effect, however, the interior here differs. With vibrant colours of yellow and white and a dash of grey walls towards the back of the café, it makes me feel like I need to rush my tart and go.

Unfortunately, that's what happened. I quickly finished my tart and left.

For the price of SGD11.90 a piece, this tart falls short of the "WOW" factor that I was expecting. Visually pleasing but mediocre in taste. Disappointing, I must say. I'd rather spend my "fikapengar" elsewhere.

Overall Experience



Why 5? I'm just giving credit for the fact that they provide milk alternatives and the oat milk foam. Otherwise, it's worth 3 fika poäng. But if you are desperate for quick coffee then this may be the place for you. The crew on shift...It felt like they just came back from some military service. Although it is hard to see a smile behind the face mask, the eyes don't lie. A little smile goes a long way. I left the café feeling unwelcome, cold and dry. The first and the last visit. Never to return. Pretty sad. So much potential.


82 Tiong Poh Rd, #01-05, Singapore 160082

+65 6222 0400

Whatsapp +65 9766 8188.

Opening hours

Mon - Thurs 09:00-21:00

Fri - Sat 09:00-22:00

Sun 09:00-21:00

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