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It's not easy to define 'Fika' with just one word as it is a concept. It is both a noun and a verb depending on how you use the word in a sentence. When you google it, you will find different definitions of the word.

Coffee Break

Photo: Wix

I would define it as a quiet time with a cup of my favourite coffee and my kardemummabulle or kanelbulle. Sometimes I would fika at my favourite cafe with Micke or Peter (or with the both of them) and sometimes I would fika at home with Isa. Sometimes, I would just fika with me, myself and I before heading home after a day out. When I am back in Singapore, I would fika with my sons or/and with a few good friends. Fika isn't complicated at all.

Perhaps 'Fika' is best defined as a time to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. Like I always say, Fika taste better with your Fika gang. 

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