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Ingår Påtår

When you visit a konditori in any part of Sweden, be sure to look for this sign:

Ingår Påtår.

It means "Refill Included".

Pouring Coffee
Photo: Wix/Unsplash

In all local cafes around Sweden, at least those I have been to, you are guaranteed fresh bryggkaffe (filtered coffee) and in these places, you will see a 'Ingår Påtår' either at the cashier or it is written in the menu. It is all right to ask the person behind the counter if a refill is included. 'Påtår' is usually free but I am not sure about it now. Perhaps you may need to pay as little as 5kr for a refill or maybe you can ask "Kostar påtår extra?" (Does refill cost extra?). 


Unfortunately not all places offer this. So, be sure to ask if you are unsure. If you want to sound like you have blended in with the crowds, you can ask "Är påfyllning (av kaffe) inkluderat?" (Is refill included?).

Not restricted to konditorier

'Påtår' is not restricted to just when you are having a fika at a konditori along Kungsgatan. If you are hosting a fika at your place, you can always ask your guests, "En påtår?" when you see that their cups are almost empty. 

Other way of asking for a refill

Another way of asking for a second cup of coffee is to simply say: "En till, tack." which means "One more, please." 

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