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A confectionery or a pâtisserie. A shop that sells sweets and chocolates. A bakery and a confectionery can be a single shop which makes it all yummier. 

Nybergs Odenpla (
Photo: Personal archive


The word 'konditori' derived from the German word 'konditorei'. 'Konditor' which means a confectioner.  A konditorei's  main focus is to sell wide selections of pastries which may be made in-house or bought from another bakery. It can also serve as a café as it offer a variety of coffees, teas, soft drinks and in some places may sell alcoholic drinks[1]

Majority of the konditorier (plural for konditori) I have visited, especially those that are well-established, baked their own pastries (and breads) fresh every day. Even the small ones I have visited baked their own pastries from their little kitchen at the back. 

Association of Swedish Baker & Confectioners

Founded in 1900, Sveriges Bagare & Konditorer is an organisation for the bakeries and patisseries in Sweden, both artisan bakeries and industrial bakeries. Every year, the association will organise championships such as Årets Konditor (Confectioner of the Year), Årets Bagare (Swedish Baker of the Year), Årets Förtagare I bageribranschen (Bakery Entrepreneur of the Year), to name a few, and there is even a Swedish Championship for Young Bakers[2].

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Confectioner of the Year 2022

Last year the Confectioner of the Year was awarded to Ms. Josefine Pagander, 25, from Gothenburg. The theme for 2022 was "Idol". 

Over two days and over 10 hours, finalists were impressed with imaginative concepts and baked goods. A total of 4 cakes were made in the contest: 16 desserts, 10 ice cream cakes and 6 chocolate cakes. 

Ms. Josefine Pagander with her winning trophy and title "Confectioner of the Year 2022". Photo from

When a panel of jury evaluated the participants' bakes, Ms. Pagander's pastries interpretations after the model, Carl von Linné, took the top spot. In 2020 she won a gold medal with SM Young Bakers and she was part of the Swedish national pastry team in Spring at the European Pastry Championships.

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As much as it sounds like "affair", this word is a noun. It means "the shop" or "the store". 

Grocery Shopping
Photo: Wix

For example, you are about to go out to get some bread from the shop downstairs when your phone rang. You tell your friend on the other line, 

"Hej, förlåt. Jag ska till affären nu. Jag kommer att ringa dig snart."

(Hello. Sorry. I'm going to the store now. I will call you soon.)

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