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It's all good. 

Image by Katya Ross
Photo: Canva

Good job!

The Swedish language is indeed very interesting and fun to learn. As much as I can, I will try my very best to pronounce each word as correctly as possible, and of course, I want to sound as native as possible. So, when my Swedish teacher said 'bra' for every correct answer, it didn't sound funny until one of my classmates pronounced it like how you would say a female undergarment. That's when everyone burst into laughter.

It was then that my Swedish teacher started to use other ways of saying 'good'. For instance, when someone did an excellent job of replying in proper Swedish sentence, she would say "Bra jobbat!" (Good job!) or "Fantastiskt!" (Fantastic). 

New Bra
Photo: Wix


In Swedish, a bra is called 'behå' or 'BH' for short. I don't think I have to explain what it is, right?

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