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Kiss kiss.

Mother's Kiss
Photo: Wix

A gesture of love

I often hear my friend say, "Puss puss" before he hangs up the phone. Sometimes, I would hear him say, "Puss och kram." When asked, he said "puss puss" means "kisses", and this is only appropriate if you have an intimate relationship with the caller, for example, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your mom or dad or sister or brother. It's equivalent to the English 'xxx' that you would write (or type) after you sign your name at the end of a text message. This can be very awkward if you accidentally use 'puss' with a colleague or a casual friend. 

'Puss och kram' means hugs and kisses. This phrase, again, can be used when departing after meeting a close friend. 

So make sure you know where you stand with that friend of yours before you freak him or her out. Swedes are very careful with this. You don't want to send the wrong message, do you?

'Kiss Kiss' by Holly Valance

Oh! This reminds me of Holly Valance's rendition of the Turkish pop star Tarkan's "Şımarık", which became a hit in 2002. There are many versions of this song in different languages but it's the English-language cover that made the most impact in the music charts. The single which was released on April 2002 went straight to Number 1 on the UK and Australian charts according to Wikipedia. 

Those were the days when this song is being played at discos and at student parties. #teenagehoodmemories. 


According to Collins English Dictionary, the word 'puss' means 1. a cat and 2. an informal way to call a girl or a woman. This term is often used as a form of affectionate address. 

A cat is also sometimes called a 'pussycat' or 'pussy' (not to be mistaken for a slang word that describes the female private part even though such slang exists!). 

This is what my cat does every time it's his bath time. It's either he pretends to sleep or totally goes into hiding.


The English have an expression, "Don't be a sourpuss!". 'Sourpuss' is the perfect term to call someone who is constantly complaining about something (or everything!), or often looking unhappy. I'm sure we all have sourpusses in our lives.


Perhaps the next time when your friend is being a sourpuss, just offer him some lemon juice. 

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