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Glass or glass? Huh? What do you mean?

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Glass eller glas?

This word is rather tricky and is not to be confused with another Swedish word spelt 'glas'. Although they may look similar, they are pronounced differently. One is with the long A sound while the other is pronounced with a short A sound. So, how do you determine which word has the long A sound and which word has the short A sound? Perhaps this formula may help:

1 consonant = long sound

2 consonants = short sound

To illustrate the difference, the video below clearly explains when to use the long and short A sounds accordingly. I highly recommend you subscribe or follow this channel. This is one of the many channels I found to be very useful if you want to learn Swedish. 

It took me a while to get my pronunciation right. Honestly, I am still learning. Just don't feel intimidated by these vowel sounds. Remember with practice, you will get it right eventually. Also, remember to not be afraid to make mistakes. If you don't make mistakes, how do you learn? Oh please! I've made many grammatical mistakes and I still make them from time to time. So, you got this!

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