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Say what??!!

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Don't be a prick!

This is another word that got my classmates and I cracked up in class. 'Prick'. In the English language, as a verb, 'prick' means to make holes in something with something sharp like a knife, for example. As a noun, it is an act of piercing something with something sharp. When using it as a slang word, 'prick' refers to someone who is an asshole or a jerk.

In Swedish, there are several ways of using the word 'prick', other than 'being on the dot' or 'punctual' as we covered in this podcast episode. It could also mean 'spot on'. We can say: Din bedömning av situationen är prick. (Your assessment of the situation is spot on).

Photo: AI generated image.

'Prickar', the plural form of 'prick', takes on another meaning which is 'spots' or 'specks'. Here's an example: En jaguar har prickar på kroppen. (A jaguar has spots on its body). You could also use the word 'fläck' in this context. So, you can also say: En jaguar har fläckar på kroppen

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