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Someone holding a high position in a company such as a director, a manager or a boss.

Business Meeting
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One word, many positions

A 'chef' in the Swedish language can be a director, an employer, an executive, governor, the head of a department, a boss, a chief, a controller, a foreman, a gaffer, a principal, a superintendent or a manager. 

Let's imagine you are on the phone and you would like to speak to the manager. You can say:

Hej! Jag skulle vilja prata med chefen.

Hello. I would like to speak to the manager. 

Okej, ett ögonblick.

Okay, a moment please.

Chef is kock

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Cambridge Dictionary defines a 'chef' as a skilled and trained cook who works in a hotel or a restaurant, especially the most important cook. In Swedish, a person with such description is called a kock. It's pronounced like the English 'cock'. And no, he is not a rooster. And yes, this is another Swedish word that my Swedish teacher shook her head in much disappointment because some of us could not stop laughing.


There are different types of chef: an executive chef, head chef, sous chef, chef de partie and the junior positions. Let's take a look at chef de partie. It's one position that's very interesting. 

Chef de partie or station chef has designated roles in the chef hierarchy. They can be responsible for cooking meat or seafood or vegetables. Examples of chef de partie are:

Saucier, also known as sauté chef, works closely with the sous chef. His focus is mainly preparing sauces, gravies and curries, ensuring that these are well done for each dish. 

Fry chef is responsible for all things fried. 

Grill chef is someone who is a Master in the art of grilling. They are the ones who make sure you get your grilled meat done right. 

Roast chef is the one in-charge of all components in the menu that require roasting. 

Pastry chef may not be available at all restaurants. Only those places that are popular for their dessert selection have an assigned pastry chef. 

Pantry chef has the responsibility to oversee the cold items such as cold appetisers, platters, pâtés and salads.

Like the pastry chef, some places may not have a Fish chef. This depends if the restaurant has a dedicated seafood section and are require to prepare fish dishes safely. 

Så, ska du bli en kock?

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