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This word has nothing to do with flatulence.

Photo: Personal Archive

Say what?

This is one of the first Swedish words I come across when I first landed in the land of the Vikings. I chuckled loudly in my mind, and when I was in the car with my friend, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Of course, my Swedish friend explained to me that this word means 'speed'. It has nothing to do with "releasing natural gas". 

I couldn't help but insist Micke take this photo. 


Now that we know, 'fart' means 'speed' in Swedish. Here are some common 'fart' signs you will see on the road:

Utfart means 'exit'. Sometimes you will see 'utgång' instead. 

Infart also seen as 'ingång' means 'entrance'. 

You will notice that 'infart' and 'utfart' are usually seen at carparks because these terms are used for cars while 'ingång' and 'utgång' are normally seen at public places such as IKEA or big supermarkets like ICA MAXI. They all mean the same: doors leading to inside (in) or outside (ut).

Fartkontroll means 'speed control'. So, do watch out for those cameras on the road. 

Farthinder means 'speed bumps' as shown below. As you can see there are two types of speed bumps. Sign (A) farthinder gupp is a warning to tell drivers there is a bump ahead whereas Sign (B) farthinder grop warns drivers to watch out for a pit on the road.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 12.08.38.png

The word 'fart' is not restricted to speed only. Sometimes some words of encouragement help such as 'fullfart framåt' which means 'full speed ahead'.  

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