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This word has a similar meaning as in English. 

Image by Steven Weeks
Photo: Wix

Finally, one Swedish word holds a similar meaning in English. 'Lust' means a strong sexual desire whereas in Swedish 'lust' can mean several things depending on which context we are looking at. 'Lust' means 'delights', 'desire', 'appetite', 'notion', 'pleasurable', etc. 

Here are some examples:

När vi har lust att säga nej, säger vi nej. 

(When we feel like saying no, we say no.)

Vi har varken lust eller håg att göra detta, eller faktiskt ens medel för ett sådant ingripande.

(We have neither the desire nor the inclination to do this, nor indeed even the means for such an intervention.)

Med Jean Monnet i åtanke kan vi drömma av hjärtans lust.

(With Jean Monnet in mind, we can dream to our heart's content.)

Can you think of anything else using the word 'lust' in Swedish?

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