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Jag älskar dig

A phrase that can make anyone stay or run away. 

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3 in 1

This phrase is made up of three words: jag, älskar and dig. Let's take a look at 'älskar'.

'Älskar' is a verb that derives from the root word 'att älska' which means 'to love', 'to adore' or 'to be fond of'. It could also mean 'to fancy', 'cherish', 'to appreciate' or 'to have high regard for' depending on the intention of what you want to say. 


The most straightforward example is when you express to someone you love, you say:

Jag älskar dig.

(I love you.)

But what do you do when you DON'T love something or someone? You add 'inte':

Jag älskar inte dig (I don't love you) 


Jag älskar inte det. (I don't love it).

The worst thing that could happen to you is when someone said:

Jag älskar dig....som en van.

(I love a friend.)

And if you're a big fan of a celebrity, you can say: 

Jag älskar Johnny Depp för att han är en så begåvad skådespelare. Jag ser alla hans filmer.

(I love Johnny Depp because he is such a talented actor. I watch all his movies.)

Jag älskar att dricka kaffe. Och du?

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