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Hello from the Other Side

Hope this segment finds in you in good health. 

Friends in Nature
Photo: Wix

A simple smile to a stranger goes a long way

I beg to differ when someone says that Swedes are unfriendly. Although they respect their personal spaces, Swedes are generally rather shy but they are friendly and helpful when you approach them. I've been greeted many times while strolling or going for my morning run in the park. A simple smile and greeting goes a long way. You never know your little gesture may brighten someone else's life. 

Here are the common greetings we explored in the podcast episode:

God morgon - Good morning

God kväll - Good evening

God natt - Good night

Goddag - Good day

In the video below, Elin includes the other greetings including 'Hej', 'Hallå', 'Vi ses', 'Hej då' and more.

So now you can greet your friends and the lady at the counter. Be sure to practice your Swedish every day. 

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