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More greetings..

Many ways to say 'hello'.

Image by Octavian Dan
Photo: Wix


Where I come from, when you hear someone shouts 'HEY!' it usually means that that person is trying to get your attention because you may have dropped something or forgotten something. So, when I first arrived in Stockholm, I was rather confused when I heard 'HEY!' being called out while I was walking in the train station. Naturally, I turned around to see if someone was calling me. Apparently, not. I was a little embarrassed when it was not me that handsome guy was calling out to. It was later in my days of learning Swedish, 'hey' is actually 'Hej!' which means 'hello'. 

Previously, I've included Elin's video on greetings of 'hej' and 'hallå'. Here we have Joakim from Stockholm diving really into different ways of saying 'hello' in Swedish. 

'Hejsan på dejsan' ?! Hmm.. I think I will start using this phrase! 

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