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Trevlig att träffas

When you are delighted to meet someone.

Image by Omar Lopez
Photo: Wix

Will I see you again?

This is one of the few Swedish phrases I learned even before learning Swedish formally at Folkuniversitetet. I think it is important to learn 

how to say 'nice to see you' in Swedish not only to impress your new found Swedish friends, it is also polite to say so. 

There are several ways you can say this, and it is not necessarily expressed at the end of a meeting or conversation:

Trevlig att träffas.

(Nice to meet you / Pleasure to meet you / Very nice to meet you / Well nice to meet you).

Det var trevlig att träffas. 

(It was nice meeting you / It was so nice to meet you in person / It's really nice to meet you). 

Hanna, trevlig att träffas.

(Hanna, pleased to meet you).

In some cases, you and your new found friend may want to meet up over coffee to continue your discussion about something that was very interesting during that first meet. He or she may then say:

Det var trevligt att träffas. Vi kanske ska ta en fika nästa vecka.

(It was nice meeting you. Maybe we should catch up for coffee next week).

And in some cases, nothing happens after that. Whatever the outcome is, never force a Swede to meet you after the first meeting. As said before, Swedes are shy and not all of them would make the first move, but I am sure no Swede would refuse a fika (unless they really don't like you!).

Det var trevlig att träffas. Ska vi ta en fika imorgon?

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