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Ha det så bra

This has nothing to do with a good bra.

Image by Omar Lopez
Photo: Wix

I wish you well, my friend

This is another Swedish phrase I often hear my Swedish friend say to me each time we put down the phone. Initially I didn't understand what it meant until he explained it to me. You often hear this too when two people who bumped on the street, snackar lite, and when they parted, they say to each other: "Ha det så bra, Elin!" and the other person would respond with "Tack, detsamma!".

Here's what it means:

Ha det så bra, Elin!

(Have a nice time, Elin!)

Tack, detsamma!

(Thanks, you too!)

'Ha det så bra' literally means have it so good, but it does sound odd to say it, isn't it? I guess, it may be more accurate to mean, in this context, 'have a good day'.

So the next time you bumped into your friend or you have made your payment at the cashier, wish them well with "Ha det så bra!".

We need to spread more love in this world. 

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