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Not related to Mr. Bean. 

One bean, many beans

We say:

En böna (singular) and flera bönor (plural).

Bruna Bönor

Since we are talking about beans, I was curious if there are authentic Swedish beans. I googled and found 'Bruna Bönor' (brown beans). Swedish brown beans are grown traditionally on the island of Öland and are said to be closely related to kidney beans. In Sweden, these beans are used to make sweetened baked beans.


Sweetened baked beans?! I don't think I have tried it. Have you? 

Swedish brown Bean

Bruna Bönor med Stekt Fläsk

I became more curious about these beans and searched further to find out more. ONE recipe came up on all the Swedish recipe platforms. It is the Bruna Bönor med Stekt Fläsk (Swedish Brown Beans with Salted Porkbelly), a traditional dish loved by many Swedes. I don't eat pork so I don't know what it tastes like. Maybe I can substitute the pork with beef?

My curiosity led me to this cooking channel on Youtube:

Who is Johan "Big Swede" Magnusson?

Originally from Malmö, Johann Magnusson has a keen interest in barbecue and moved to the United States in 2005. Early on he qualified as a Master level BBQ judge and founded the BBQ team 'Big Swede BBQ'. For several years, Big Swede BBQ competed against some of the best BBQ Pitmasters in the U.S. Nowadays, Big Swede BBQ competes only sporadically and focuses instead on conducting BBQ classes and BBQ Events.

If you love BBQ cooking, and want to explore some Swedish-American fusion food, this mouth-watering channel is definitely for you. The goal of his channel is to spread maximum BBQ joy and teach people to cook fantastic food with simple recipes and good ingredients. Hmm...maybe I ought to do something about my BBQ skills.


Bär is 'berry'. 

Photo by Peter Lindblad

Be it singular or plural, the word 'bär' does not change. We say: En bär, flera bär.

Click on the links to read more about Swedish berries and the wild Swedish strawberries.

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