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First Korean lunch

Looks like dalgona coffee and bingsu are here to stay.

I was around the vicinity when the "alarm" went off on my Fika O'clock "watch". Desperate, I looked through Google to look for "cafés near me". I had to constantly refraining meself from going to Starbucks as "there are more coffee houses now to explore, Tini!"

The so-called newly renovated Funan Center was just down the street so why not. It was a super hot day and I needed my fika stat before I turned into Hulk. Looking at my search on my iPhone, dal.komm COFFEE popped up.

Without much thinking I waited at the waiting area for the staff to take my temperature. It was only when I saw the writings on the menu display above the counter and snippets of a Korean drama on the flat screen TV that I realised this is a Korean café. Browsing through its history, it is impressive that this franchise was born under a telecom company, Danal Co. Ltd which explains its name, dal.komm. In 2011, the first dal.komm COFFEE store was opened at Nonhyeon and within just one year opened six direct stores and franchise stores. Within a span of 3 years, dal.komm COFFEE arrived in Singapore (and Malaysia).

I always find it interesting how The Universe works. Talk about the Law of Attraction!! I was reading up on Affogato Coffee and BAM!! Affogato coffee was on the menu. Then there were these circular thingy which remided me of the scrumptious Kouign Amann I had at Tiong Bahru Bakery quite recently. It's CRUFFIN. I asked the staff behind the counter what it is. He said it is croissant but circle in shape. Interesting! He continued to say that I can choose to have it as savoury or sweet. OoooO! Since I was already getting Affogato so I ordered cruffin with mushroom and egg.

SHITAKE!! I LOVE SHITAKE MUSHROOMS!! This combo of sautéed shitake mushrooms, arugula, sautéed red onions, cherry tomatoes tossed in some kind of sweet balsamic vinaigrette and sunny side up egg on top were absolutely beeeeeautiful and with the vinaigrette soaked through the flakey cruffin....GORGEOUS!

Affogato, on the other hand, was confusing. Is it supposed to be bitter or bittersweet? Affogato is supposed to taste like a creamy coffee flavoured ice-cream but the expresso was a tad too powerful that it drowned the sweetness of the vanilla ice-cream. It was more expresso taste than creamy coffee flavoured ice-cream. The ice-cream was delicious so it was not a total lost.

Overall Experience:



Diners are allowed to stay for only 1 hour which is sensible due to the current Covid19 social restrictions. A nice place to chill and enjoy fika after shopping or watching a movie.

dal.komm Coffee Funan Mall 107 North Bridge Road #03-17 Funan Singapore 179105

Opens daily from 09:30 - 22:00

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