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Like Love at First Sound

Sometimes you gotta find an excuse to fika.

I have turned into a very lazy bum-bum to go out since the "lockdown" aka Phase 1 being implemented in Singapore. But it's Phase 2 now and today I had no choice but to leave my little studio to return a library book AND I need my fika fix outside these four walls for a change.

Since being stuck in Singapore due to travel ban, I asked friends about the best confectionery in Singapore. A dear friend of mine, along with another friend, recommended Tiong Bahru Bakery. (Merci Cheryl ..merci Sherry pour la recommandation!) So, I decided to visit today. It was quite hot when I left my mother's apartment. Usually I am well-prepared for the weather but not today.

The place was already full when I arrived. I was asked if it was okay for me to wait for 15 minutes by one of the staff at the door. It was okay as it was my "mission" today to fika at TBB and I wasn't in a hurry. Within less than 10 mins, I was ushered to my table by another staff. The display of the pastry and cakes truly make you want to try everything! I ordered the highly-recommended Kouign Amann (pronounced "queen a-mahn"). I decided to add a chocolate eclair (can't resist this!) and long black to go along with these. Of course, latte or cappuccino would have been good to pair with these as well but I wanted to go all black.

At first I thought, it may be too sweet to my liking. I was wrong. Looks can be deceiving! SWEETNESS TO PERFECTION! Lagom! I cannot describe that "wow" when I first cut the Kouign Amann..CRISP!! Felt like Love at First Sound! Soft on the inside, buttery, flaky like croissant and melts in your mouth. Goes very well with my long black. Chocolate eclair was divine. Chocolatey indeed. Chocolate fillings is compact and full. Yummmy!!

Soon I realised I was falling into FOOD COMA! Though the long black coffee did give me some kind of TING! with the first sip but the Kouign Amann and part eclair got the better of me. I wrapped my unfinished eclair with my napkin and kept it in my beg. I slowly packed my tray and left the confectionery before I dozed off to sleep!

Despite being drenched in the heavy rain, today had been fulfilling day indeed!

Overall Experience:

10/10 Efficient, Friendly, Professional, Cozy, YUMMY-LICIOUS.

TIONG BAHRU BAKERY 56 Eng Hoon Street #01-70 Singapore 160056 +65 6220 3430

Open daily from 8am to 8pm.

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