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"Relax One Corner"... we say it in Singapore. Relaxed indeed.

At the corner of Siglap V, you will find for certain a tiny café to fika. Despite the limited space, I managed to get a seat by the large window facing the street. I was there at almost 4pm so most of the pastry and cakes are almost gone. But it was okay.

It is always good to ask the barista if they provide milk alternatives before ordering your latte. You'd be happy to know that they do offer alternatives here. You have a choice of soy, oat and coconut.

It is very pleasing to my ears to hear the knocking of the portafilter from behind the counter. That is an indication that the baristas are trained to use the portafilter, acquire the skill to accurately tamper or compress the coffee grounds using the right pressure; otherwise your expresso will either taste too bitter (compressed too hard) or missing the "coffee taste" (when it's compressed too lightly).

Although their specialty is waffles, I ordered the Lemon Meringue because I needed some tang that day.

That is what I call milk foam! Finally, someone did it right! The foam was smooth, silky and fluffy enough for me to scoop like ice-cream. Mmmums! If you are sleepy and wanted a slice of cake, this is the cake for you! I loved it! I love how lemony it is, balanced with the sweetness of the creamy meringue toppings. Just perfect!

Overall Experience:



A cozy spot for a date but it can get a little too crowded because of the small space. So, plan your romantic date accordingly.


Siglap V

2 First Street

#01-01 Singapore 458278

Opening Hours



Fri-Sat, Eve Public Holiday


Sun, Public Holiday


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