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Coffee and Cats...

What more can a cat-loving hoomans ask for...

I first read about cat cafés in 2013 when I was studying in Stockholm University. It was an article about a cat café in Paris in the tabloid, Metro. The world's first cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998 and soon many cat cafés were popping like mushrooms everywhere such as in Japan, Berlin, Turin and my birth country, Singapore.

Housing about 9 cats at a time (these felines are up for adoption), Java Whiskers is the first ever cat café in Stockholm which opened on February 16th, 2019. The process of adoption do take a long time as the criteria and selection to find homes for these furry creatures are very strict according to those who are waiting for approval. I guess it make sense because taking care of a pet is a lifetime commitment.

Java Whiskers happens to be located near my favourite second-hand store, Stockholms Stadsmissionen. Like any other cat cafés, bookings must be made prior visiting this café to avoid disappointment. A whopping 149 SEK/hr on weekdays and 179 SEK/hr on weekends, this café is highly priced indeed. For experience sake and for the love of cats, why not!

Do take note that Java Whiskers is cash-free and children under 10 years old are not allowed for the safety reasons.

Java Whiskers

Surbrunnsgatan 48

113 48 Stockholm

Opening hours:

Mondays to Sundays 10.00am - 8.00pm

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